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About Ar-Hunting

AR- Hunting is born from a passion for hunting.

Its gestation has been like that of the deer, “embryonic diapause”. It has remained latent in our hearts, while it was nourished by experiences, challenges, joys, emotions, hope, etc., to finally give birth to a serious and exciting project that will captivate hunting enthusiasts and those who share the game with them. moments and experiences that satisfy them so much.

Miguel Arjona leads the project, along with his great friend Alejandro Buiza and his brother Luis, who are united by friendship, fraternity and, above all, a love of hunting, which comes from the cradle and who have had the great luck to savor it in all its splendor, enjoying all the modalities, in a participatory way, and evolving as the medium has done, savoring every moment and acquiring the necessary experience to be able to shape this project.

The priority of AR Hunting is you and, how do we know what your wish is, we will dedicate all our effort to make you enjoy doing what we like the most, HUNT. We know what your preferences are and we are going to serve them on a silver platter.