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Our Accommodation

Nuestro campamento está ubicado en el corazón de una de nuestras fincas, rodeado de vegetación y valles, con una excelente vista de una parte de la finca, desde la terraza de la estancia principal.

The camp consists of 11 double bungalows, a central room with a bar and terrace, a large dining room and an independent kitchen. All its dependencies have electricity service, solar panels, hot and cold water.

The buildings are in the most genuine South African style. With brick and stone the Dekriet thatched façade and roof enclosures, especially for these purposes, which provide insulation and comfort.

All rooms have a built-in bath / shower with hot and cold water, sink and toilet.

Cleaning services for animals, cold rooms, etc. They are located within the farms, but in another area, thus avoiding possible bad odors and discomfort.

Our goal in the camp is rest and tranquility, both in our daily activity and in the starry nights.

We have enough staff, both for the maintenance of the camp, the kitchen, as well as for the laundry service and daily ironing.