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Hunting Services

Services that we offer from the hiring of your safari until its completion.

Preparation of the hunting program.
Advice on the type of animals to hunt, as well as the number of days to hire, depending on the tastes of each hunter.

Travel control (airports).

Pick up at the destination airport, transfer to the camp and return.

Welcome the day of arrival.

Shooting of own and / or rented rifles, choice of ammunition and, if necessary, shooting practice in an area set up for this purpose.

Transfer in the hunting areas in 4×4 equipped vehicles, as well as in tourist visits or other activities.
Snacks, breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

All kinds of drinks, including alcoholic ones.

Professional hunter (P.H), who accompanies at every moment, teaches and mentors the hunter.

Tracker: (pistero) of native origin, he is in charge of finding the animals in their habitat, as well as following the track of the injured animals until finding them if possible, in the company of his P.H.

Skinner (skinner) people also of native origin, who clean and prepare the skins and trophies of the slain animals.

Daily laundry.

First service for the preparation of trophies for taxidermy on the farms.

Track export of trophies, to the destination country indicated by the client.

We can provide you with air tickets at the customer’s request.

We have highly qualified personnel to make the hunter a video / photographic report (with extra charge).